July 27, 2023

Incident at the football match between Levski and Shkupi

Incident on a sport match
incidents committed due to ethnicity

What happened: After the football match between Levski from Bulgaria and Shkupi from Skopje, several residents from the neighborhood of Chair attacked cars with Bulgarian license plates, and one person was seriously injured. The attack was filmed by bystanders. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Bulgarian fans in two vehicles were driving near the “Chairchanka” shopping center, where they first got into a verbal argument with passers-by and citizens, which turned into a physical fight. Then the Bulgarian fans stopped the vehicles and got out of them, after which the verbal argument turned into a fight with a group of citizens who got out of the surrounding buildings. When returning to the car, a 29-year-old Bulgarian citizen was stabbed in the stomach with a sharp object.

Brief description of the incident with bias indicators In this incident, the bias motive is the ethnic origin, with the bias indicators being:

  1. Ethnicity – incident between Bulgarian and Macedonian citizens
  2. Location – the incident happened at a sports match
  3. Model of previous incidents – incidents between fans of football groups
  4. Impact on the victims and the community: These types of incidents call into question the general safety in the country and the cohabitation among the different groups in society and the safety of people present at or near sports matches.

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