August 15, 2022

Physical assault on the grounds of different citizenship

Causing national, racial or religious hate, discord or intolerance
Incident due to ethnical belonging, citizenship or language

What happened: The minor son of J.H.G.H.A.T. (43) from Qatar, who was training football on a playground in Skopje, was pushed by the coach M.K. on June 29, 2022. A complaint was filed against the coach in accordance with the Law on Misdemeanors. After the football training, at the playground exit, the president of the club reported that he was physically attacked by J.H.G.H.A.T. from Qatar. An investigation was carried out by the Violent Crime Unit at the SIA Skopje, and the Public Prosecutor was also notified.

Brief description of the incident with bias indicators: In this incident the assumed bias motive is the different citizenship since the involved in the assault spoke different languages, with the bias indicators being:

  1. Citizenship – the involved in the assault have different citizenship
  2. Language – the involved in the assault spoke different languages
  3. Religious affiliation or religious belief – the involved have different religious affiliation and/or religious belief

Impact on the victims and the community: These types of incidents call into question the general safety in the country and the cohabitation among different religious and linguistic groups in the society, as well as, between domestic and foreign citizens.

Number of victims
Number of Perpetrators
Status of the case
Type of incident?
Physical attack (assault)
Physical assault on the grounds of different citizenship image