April 4, 2014

Major incident prevented in Chair (verified)

Incident due to political affiliation or political belief
incidents committed due to ethnicity

What happened: An argument broke out between a group of young activists of VMRO-DPMNE
(Macedonians) and elderly Albanians. According to members of the community, the young
Macedonians wеre posting pamphlets written in Albanian that called for Albanians not to vote for
the upcoming election. When detected by several elderly members of the Albanian community in
Chair, a fierce argument began between the groups that was stopped by Police that clearly defended
the Macedonian activists of VMRO-DPMNE.

Date, time and location of the incident: April 4th, municipality of Chair, Skopje.
Source of information: The electronic media centarnews.net.
Victim(s) involved: Unknown.
Type of the crime(s): Endangerment of safety Art. 144, Damaging of other’s property Art. 243 CCRM,
Coercion Art. 139 CCRM.
Perpetrator(s): Unknown.
Brief description of incident with bias indicators: The bias motive in this incident is political
affiliation and political persuasion, as well as the ethic affiliation, citizenship or language, and the
bias indicators in this incident are:
1. Victim perception – Considering the statements made for the media, it is clear that the victims
perceive the incident as bias motivated.
2. Written statements left at the scene – The perpetrators were promoting and left pamphlets that called
for Albanians not to vote for the upcoming election.
3. Difference between victim and perpetrator on ethnicity.
4. Nature of violence – The incident was carried out in public.
5. Lack of other motives.

Status of the case: Unknown.
Response of local authorities: The MOI answered on the Request for information sent by the
Committee that they have no information in relation to this incident.
Impact on the victim(s) and the community: These type of incidents brings into question the general
security situation in the country and the cohabitation between the different ethnic communities in
the society.

municipality of Chair, Skopje
Location Name
municipality of Chair, Skopje

Number of victims
Number of Perpetrators
Status of the case
No information
Type of incident?
Destruction of property
Incident location
Major incident prevented in Chair (verified) image

Criminal offences

Against Freedoms and Rights
Violation of citizens’ equality
Against Property
Damage of property
Against the Public Order


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