December 16, 2020

A physical assault from three individuals

Incident due to ethnical belonging, citizenship or language

What happened: On 16.12.2020, at 4:49 p.m., at SIA Skopje, D.M. reported that he and R.Kj. were physically assaulted by three individuals on Vera Radosavlevic Street.

Brief description of the incident with bias indicators: In this incident the bias motive is the assumed ethnic origin since the assault took place because the victims spoke a language different from the attackers, with the bias indicators being:

  1. Language – the victims involved spoke a different language from the attackers;
  2. Ethnic origin – the individuals involved belonged to different ethnicities.

Impact on the victims and the community: These types of incidents call into question the general safety in the country and the cohabitation among the different ethnic and linguistic groups in society.

Number of victims
Number of Perpetrators
Status of the case
Under investigation
Type of incident?
Physical attack (assault) Violence
A physical assault from three individuals image