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    Causing national, racial or religious hate, discord or intoleranceRacial or other discriminationIncident due to a refugee or migrant statusIncident due to ethnical belonging, citizenship or languageIncident due to religious affiliation or religious beliefIncident due to political affiliation or political beliefIncident due to sexual orientation or gender identityIncident on a sport matchOffences against persons with disabilities

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    Destruction of propertySerious threatBodily injuryCold weapon attackDestruction of symbolsPhysical attack (assault)ViolenceFirearm attack


    StreetReligious buildingParkinglotParkHomeOther public locationInstitution

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    Criminal offences

    Against Life and Body

    MurderBodily InjurySevere Bodily Injury

    Against Freedoms and Rights

    Violation of citizens’ equalityCoercionUnlawful deprivation of libertyUnlawful deprivation of libertyTorture or ill-treatmentCriminal threateningPrevention or disturbance of public gathering

    Against Gender Freedom and Morality

    RapeSexual assault of a helpless personSexual assault upon a child under 14 years of age

    Against the Health of the People

    Not providing medical help

    Against Property

    Theft or burglaryRobberyDamage of propertyExtortion

    Against Official Duty

    Abuse of official position and authorization

    Against the Public Order

    ViolenceDesecration of a graveSpreading racist and xenophobic material via information system

    Against Honour and Reputation

    Exposure of the Macedonian people and nationalities to ridicule

    Against the State

    Causing national, racial or religious hate, discord and intolerance

    Against Humanity and International Law

    Approving or justifying genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimesRacial or other discrimination



    RaceColour of skinNationalityEthnic originReligion or beliefMental or physical disabilitySexGender identitySexual orientationPolitical affiliation