November 25, 2014

One pupil was stabbed near the high school “Zdravko Cvetkovski” (verified)

incidents committed due to ethnicity
Violence against minors

What happened: Following an argument, a fifteen y/o Albanian student from Skopje high school
“Zdravko Cvetkovski” stabbed a sixteen y/o Macedonian student from the same school. According to
the media, several days later the Director of the school and the Head Teacher of the victim’s class
asked the parents of the victim to transfer their son into another school in order to avoid further

Date, time and location of the incident: November 26th, 10:30hrs, Leptokarija Trade Centre, near high
school “Zdravko Cvetkovski” in Skopje.
Source of information: National TV Kanal 5, national newspaper Dnevnik.
Victim(s) involved: One sixteen y/o Macedonian male high school student.
Type of the crime(s): Violence (Art.386), Severe Bodily Harm (Art.131).
Perpetrator(s): One fifteen y/o Albanian high school student.
Brief description of incident with bias indicators: In this incident, the bias motive is the ethnic origin,
citizenship or language, and the bias indicators are:
1. Difference between perpetrator and victim on ethnicity.
2. Nature of violence – The incident was carried out in public.

Status of the case: Unknown.
Response of local authorities: The MOI answered on the Request for information sent by the
Committee that they have submitted criminal charges to the public prosecutor for the act of
Violence against one person.
Impact on the victim(s) and the community: This type of incidents brings into question the general
security situation in the country and the cohabitation between the different ethnic communities in
the society.

Leptokarija Trade Centre
Location Name
Leptokarija Trade Centre

Number of victims
Number of Perpetrators
Status of the case
No information
Type of incident?
Serious threat Bodily injury Physical attack (assault) Violence
Incident location
Other public location
How did the police react?
They caught the perpetrator
Have there been similar incidents / crimes in the same location?
One pupil was stabbed near the high school “Zdravko Cvetkovski” (verified) image

Criminal offences

Against Life and Body
Severe Bodily Injury
Against Freedoms and Rights
Criminal threatening
Against the Public Order


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