November 29, 2016

JSP bus no. 65 stoned, a 17-year-old boy injured (not verified)

incidents committed due to ethnicity
Violence against minors

What happened: A 17-year-old boy from the village of Bulachani in Skopje suffered a head injury while
riding the JSP bus no. 65 which was stoned by unknown perpetrators. He was rushed to the “Ss. Naum
Ohridski” hospital in an ambulance, where he was held for further treatment for bodily injuries.
The bus driver reported to the Police Station Gazi Baba that while he was driving the bus, transiting
the regular route of no. 65, an unknown perpetrator threw a rock in the direction of the bus and broke
one of the windows on the second fl oor. In the MOI’s Daily Newsletter it was stated that measures
were being taken for fi nding the perpetrator and resolving the incident.

Date, time and location of the incident: 29 November, around 21:55, on the JSP bus no. 65 which was
on “Metodija Andonov Chento” Street and “Palmiro Toljati” Street, Skopje.
Source of information: TV Alsat.
Victim(s) involved: One seventeen-year-old person.
Type of the crime(s): Damage to objects of others (Article 243, CC), Bodily injury (Article 130, CC).
Perpetrator(s): An unknown perpetrator.
Brief description of the incident with bias indicators: In this incident, the bias motive is ethnicity,
nationality or language and the bias indicators are:
1. Assumed difference in ethnicity – the city bus no. 65 transits through an area inhabited by people
of a different ethnicity; the location where the bus was stoned is in an area inhabited by people of
different ethnicity;
2. Pattern of previous incidents – this the latest incident in the growing trend of cases of stoning the
JSP bus no. 65;
3. Nature of the violence – it was a public incident.

Status of the case: Unknown.
Response of Local Authorities: By the time of the writing of this report, MOI had not responded to
the Committee’s request for public information regarding this incident.
Impact on the victim(s) and the community: This incident calls into question the ethnic coexistence
between the two largest communities in the country.

“Metodija Andonov Chento” Street
Location Name
JSP bus no. 65

Number of victims
Number of Perpetrators
Status of the case
No information
Type of incident?
Destruction of property Physical attack (assault) Violence
Incident location
How did the police react?
They investigated the incident
Have there been similar incidents / crimes in the same location?
JSP bus no. 65 stoned, a 17-year-old boy injured (not verified) image

Criminal offences

Against Life and Body
Bodily Injury
Against the Public Order


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