November 4, 2018

“Balisti” supporters demolished through Tetovo

Causing national, racial or religious hate, discord or intolerance
Incident on a sport match
incidents committed due to ethnicity

What happened: On 4th November, in the period between 12 and 15 h in Tetovo, before the start of the
match between the football club “Shkendija” from Tetovo and the football club “Shkupi” from Skopje, six other
people from Tetovo together with a minor from Trebosh, while walking down several streets shouted insulting
slogans, and before a cafe facility on “Boris Kidrich” Street the reported persons, as part of the support group
“Balisti, started throwing stones and glass bottles towards the patio of the object.
For the three incidents, the Tetovo police pressed criminal charges against 14 persons, 7 of which belonging
to Balisti and 7 belonging to Vojvodi.

Date, time and location of the incident: 4 November, between 12 and 15 h in Tetovo.
Source of information: Electronic media outlets:, and
Victim(s) involved: none, only material damage.
Type of crime(s): Damage of Objects of Others (Article 243, CC), Violence (Article 386, CC)
Perpetrator(s): 7 identified perpetrators.
Brief description of the event with bias indicators: In this incident, the bias motive is ethnicity, while the
bias indicators are
1. Ethnicity and beloning to a supporter group – The victim was of Macedonian ethnicity, and the attackers
were of Albanian ethnicity and members of the supporter group “Balisti”.
2. Location – the incident took place in the center of Tetovo after the match.

Status of the case: criminal charges pressed against 7 perpetrators.
Response of the local authorities: By the time of writing of this report, MoI had not responded to the
Committee’s request for public information regarding this case, asking whether this incident contains
indicators which would verify a hate crime. The information about the criminal charges pressed was obtained
from the media.
Impact on the victims and the community: This incident calls into question the ethnic co-existence of the
two major ethnic communities in the country.

Tetovo, North Macedonia
Location Name
Tetovo, North Macedonia

Number of victims
Number of Perpetrators
Status of the case
Perpetrators identified
Type of incident?
Destruction of property Serious threat Violence
Incident location
How did the police react?
They caught the perpetrator
Have there been similar incidents / crimes in the same location?
“Balisti” supporters demolished through Tetovo image

Criminal offences

Against Property
Damage of property Extortion
Against the Public Order


Nationality Ethnic origin