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REPORT HATE CRIMES is an internet portal, created as part of the project “Support of national concerned parties in the fight against hate crimes and hate speech”, implemented by the OSCE Mission in Skopje. The Helsinki Committee for human rights of the Republic of Macedonia is an implementing partner in this project, in the section regarding hate crimes.


The basic objective of REPORT HATE CRIMES is to enable citizens to report incidents and crimes they believe to be done out of hate toward the person’s / people’s membership or affiliation with a certain social group. Furthermore, REPORT HATE CRIMES shall enable the users of the portal to view already submitted reports, categorized separately, per crime. The final goal of this portal is to raise the awareness of citizens regarding hate crimes and incidents, which shall in turn help in preventing such crimes and incidents in the future, and prevent hate in society.

How does REPORT HATE CRIMES operate?

This portal operates on the basis of citizen’s reports of hate crimes or incidents. One can report in several ways:

  • Via the web form, which also permits sending photos or videos
  • By e-mail: helkom@mhc.org.mk
  • Via #zlostorstvoodomraza on Twitter
  • Via the Android or iPhone application

After reporting in one of these ways, the report is being reviewed by the Helsinki Committee for human rights of the Republic of Macedonia. If you have inserted your personal information, the Helsinki Committee may contact you during the review and checkup of the report. After the approval, your report shall be listed on the website (it shall not display your personal information).

Shënime të rëndësishme

Is it mandatory to enter my personal data in the report form?

NO! An anonymous report, not containing your personal information, is also acceptable and can be published on this portal.

Will my name show on the portal REPORT HATE CRIMES?

NO! The approved report and details on the event will be visible on the portal, but personal information and viewpoints on the event shall remain anonymous to the public.

How do reports to REPORT HATE CRIMES show on the website and how are they filtered?

Reports on a certain event show on the portal within 5km of the reported location, and are filtered by category and by whether they are verified/unverified. Only approved reports can show on the list.

You may send any questions, problems or critiques to helkom@mhc.org.mk, or you may contact us on the following telephone numbers: +389 2 3119 073 and +389 2 3290 469.